Meetings , Conferences and Exhibitions are held quite often by organisations as it’s the trend of this day to improve one’s business. Our company can efficiently handle the requirements of such clients in making their MICE effective and help them attain their goal.

Dealers Meet

Elegant and coherent arrangements for the dealers, providing them a congenial atmosphere to have discussions on their plans whereby they can enhance their productivity is a part of our programme.

Corporate Staff Trips

Organising a leisure travel for the employees so as to relieve them of their mechanical and lulled life style is mandatory for the employer. We wre a blessing to such employers who can now sit back and remain stress-free for we are bound to give them the benefits of a classic trip filled with mirth and fun. Quality time spent with colleagues is priceless and memorable of course. 

Product Launch

A business man achieves his objective wen his new product is well marketed and reaches his costomers is an attractive way. This begins with the product launch and undertakes a long journey before it reaches the end user. We all know – Well begun is half done. So wen we take the launch on our shoulders u are half way up the ladder to success. One call and that’s all !!!

Incentive Trips

Monetary hike is awaited but when the employer decides to show his appreciation for his staff by taking them for a trip, there’s nothing like it. It’s total fun – forgetting the self and selfless participation in a cluster is a booster in itself.

Business Meetings

it’s trendy to schedule business meetings at exotic spots where after the meet the people can spend quality time with their friends , colleagues and superiors. A visit to these places besides creating pleasant memories ends up with the business too becoming a success. While their deals and new ideas are discussed in such serene atmosphere,they have clarity of vision that’s most needed to reach their goal. U can have such delightful meetings with the least of exertion about the proceedings of the meet when given to us.

Corporate Conventions

Corporate offices prefer to have a judicial mixture of work and fun in an elaborate way. Our company comes very handy for such offices as we are certain to provide the right proportion of joy and job by creating a meeting atmosphere , relaxation by taking u sight seeing , amusement time with campfires and to top it all tasty, ethenic and hygienic food served timely . Stay at standard hotels with luxurious accomodation and absolute convenience is assured. 

Corporate Events

Now a days the corporates have begun the culture of celebrating a few function on and off for the pleasure of their employees. This serves as s motivation and a the staff to strive hard , get promoted and also bring fame to their company. Employees gather to showcase their talents in addition to their official skills , get awards and rewards for their multifaceted capabilities. To make such events grand gala , we take full charge of all the requirements and resolve to make the event an excellent one.

National & International Trade Fair Arrangements

After a company launches its product , the best way for it to reach out to people is to participate in N&IN trade fairs conducted frequently in many countries. These fairs are usually held in metropolitan cities worldwide . So wen one is interested to participate in these fairs all he needs to do is to get in touch with us. Arranging tickets , Visas , accomodation , travel to the fair sites , allocation of place for the stall in the fair premises and other amenities for the delegates to have a comfy stay will be done by us.


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