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Team Excellence

Our trainers are experienced personnel from various disciplines of industry. They are chosen for much more than just their qualification or experience, the right attitude, an energetic and happy spirit. For trainers, the emphasis is on learning age-appropriate teaching techniques which are designed to encourage questions and foster creativity, discussion and open debates.

Even for the Staffs, creative teaching methods, tips on class control, methods of mentoring as well as many other helpful techniques and skills are taught. A new dimension to the school curriculum by adding skill-based modules to make a class completely interactive through innovative training methods for students a place where they can be themselves, where they can enter into a different world, go on a fantastic journey of self-discovery. Thus offering a child a highly stimulating and totally fun-time learning experience.

Whilst the programs, students will be put through a series of theme-based indoor and outdoor activities, interactive sessions, role play, team work and much more. Outbound activities like rock-climbing and tight-rope walking, as well as nature walks, trekking etc bring them into contact with their adventurous side.

  • Indoor / Outdoor Activities
  • Theme Based Activities
  • Creativity
  • Team Binding Activities
  • Role Play
  • Interactive Games
  • Adventure Sports